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Adventures With God<br>Willie Alschen

Adventures With God
Willie Alschen

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Paperback | 96 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-43-1 The journey of identification has many challenges which have to be overcome. However, Satan has set up traps ...

Angels in Waiting<br>"Butch" Milkovich

Angels in Waiting
"Butch" Milkovich

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This true-life drama relates the story of Patty Milkovich, a married woman who decides to take a long-distance motorcycle trip unaccompanied. The journey is abruptly cut short h...
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Exposing the Fifth Column<br>by Samuel T. Lartey

Exposing the Fifth Column
by Samuel T. Lartey

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Paperback | 114 pages ISBN 978-1-934449-93-6 A fifth column is a group of people within an organization who in secret seek to weaken and to destroy that o...

Gentle Women<br>Sandra K.T. Crawford

Gentle Women
Sandra K.T. Crawford

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Leather-bound Hard Back | 112 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-60-8 Gentle Women is a celebration of the strength and inner beauty of women. I began this journey...

Glimpses<br>Gabriel H. Vaughn

Gabriel H. Vaughn

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Paperback | 96 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-19-6 Like footprints in the sand, our lives leave an imprint on this world but it's the waves of circumstance th...

Intercessory Prayer<br>Dr. Cheryl D. Johnson

Intercessory Prayer
Dr. Cheryl D. Johnson

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Paperback | 96 pages ISBN-10: 0-9708395-6-1 From the earliest points in our lives we have been taught to pray for others. We can all remember praying "God bl...

Jude<br>Chris Brathwaite

Chris Brathwaite

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Paperback | 76 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-38-7 Jude is a bible study that exposes the very nature of the early Christian community and acts as a safeguard f...

Light On Life<br>Renita Ingrid Kjenslie

Light On Life
Renita Ingrid Kjenslie

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Hardback | 112 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-00-4 Renita Ingrid Kjenslie began traveling the world which gave her the opportunity to capture various beautiful ...
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Maxims<br>Steven A. Isaacs

Steven A. Isaacs

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Paperback | 96 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-14-1 A maxim is a type of saying, especially as an aphorism, that is designed to provide instruction in a compact ...

My Pain Your Gain<br>by S.G. Lee

My Pain Your Gain
by S.G. Lee

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My Pain Your Gain is an inspirational book written in the hope that young women who have suffered from any type of abuse—whether it be verbal, mental, physical, or sexual—will...

Names of GOD<br>Mary Stoner

Names of GOD
Mary Stoner

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Paperback | ?? pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-57-8 In this book , I have chosen twenty-one names of God from the King James translation of the Bible. As you r...

Pursuing Righteousness<br>Earl J. Headley

Pursuing Righteousness
Earl J. Headley

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Paperback | 224 pages ISBN-10: 0-9764982-6-x The Bible passage II Timothy 2:22 instructs us to pursue righteousness, but the steps in this pursuit of righteo...

Running With A Vision<br>Andy Osakwe

Running With A Vision
Andy Osakwe

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Paperback | 48 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-02-8 A life that is motivated by a God inspired vision is the most powerful, fulfilling and rewarding kind of life. ...

Scooter Trash Calendar<br>365 Day Perpetual<br>Al Paquette

Scooter Trash Calendar
365 Day Perpetual
Al Paquette

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ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-28-8 Scooter Trash is a term used to describe the Hard-Core Biker. This perpetual calendar has 365 statements that typify the attitude and event...

The Mission Is Possible<br>Andy Osakwe

The Mission Is Possible
Andy Osakwe

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Paperback | 176 pages ISBN-10: 0-9764982-9-4 This book will... Help you identify your life's mission. Teach you how to access God's blueprint for you...

The Potter's House<br>Samuel T. Lartey

The Potter's House
Samuel T. Lartey

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Paperback | 132 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-75-2 The Potter’s House: gives answers about why young talents fail. explains why great missions and visions ...

Tithe: Is It For Today?

Tithe: Is It For Today?
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Pastor Godwin gives a clear and referenced teaching on the concept of tithing. This teaching will enable a Christian to come to a conclusion of how it biblically applies to a be...

Titus<br>Chris Brathwaite

Chris Brathwaite

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Paperback | 76 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-51-6 Titus is a guide to help the family of believers understand how the scripture which was written so many years a...

Walking with James<br>Chris Brathwaite

Walking with James
Chris Brathwaite

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Paperback | 76 pages ISBN-10: 0-9776777-9-6 Walking With James is a manual that exposes the very heart of discipleship. It presents the words of James, as re...

Wits of Pitts<br>Nolan Pitts

Wits of Pitts
Nolan Pitts

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Paperback | 80 pages ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-48-6 Wits of Pitts is a collection of wit and wisdom from the lifetime of experience of Pastor Pitts and his observ...

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