“Then one day I decided I wanted to write a book…”
Legacy Publishing broke into the world of book publishing over 20 years ago with nothing but the optimistic dreams of one author and the belief that books can serve a higher purpose when used to infuse principles of virtuous character. This focus on positively influencing our society has allowed Legacy Publishing to transcend from a small one-book publisher to an award-winning publishing house in upscale Winter Park in Central Florida just north of downtown Orlando. Our president and founder, Gabriel H. Vaughn, began as an author, extremely familiar with business structure and marketing though unfamiliar with the business of publishing. He persisted in the publishing process until well rewarded with this first book earning its place on the list of “Best Sellers.”

At Legacy Publishing, we believe the author should be actively involved in all aspects of the publishing process so that the full vision of the author can be coupled with the professionalism and experience of our staff. We can now contribute to the process of writing, developing, formatting, editing, designing, printing and marketing quality books across the nation with an experienced staff and our national distributor. Continuance of the Legacy tradition is to help others achieve their own success, whether this is securing their own spot on the list of best selling authors or simply preserving or sharing their own legacy in print.

1883 Lee Road ∙ Winter Park, Florida ∙ 32789